Bet on Gaming Competitions

Betting and video game betting is a prevailing trend in the gambling industry but more than that it is a more important part of the sports industry itself. Betting itself raises the value of the sports, be it a physical sport or video game betting. The amount of betting denotes the amount of money that sports can incur. Video game betting is a complicated process that needs some amount of research for understanding the roots of the matter. This article aims to clear all air of doubts that you may have about sports betting.

esports betting

The Biggest Gaming Competition Event – Esports

The esports market comprises a market size of $906 million globally. Such a huge amount without any doubt must build up into a new genre of world tournaments. And as anticipated there are some mega esports events held throughout the world that brings along a mega prize pool along with it. the most popular among all the esports events are Fortnite World Cup that has a prize pool of $100 million, Leagues of Legends World Championship, The International, Call of Duty World League, DOTA 2, PUBG world championship and many more to name.

How To Bet Online on Esports

The best way to bet on sports and gaming competitions online is via online casino sites. The legal online casinos are better even than the online sports betting sites for the additional benefit of casino bonus. They give a casino bonus in the form of no deposit bonus that can be used to place free bets or even play the casino games for free. Whether you bet or play, all you will get in return is real money without spending any money out of the pocket. The video game betting is a similar transaction that can be done in the online casinos.

Types of Esports Games

The esports games come in several types. They are:

  1. Player vs. Player or PvP
  2. First Person Shooter or FPS
  3. Real-time Strategy or RTS
  4. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA
  5. Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game or MMORPG.

Types of Betting in Esports

The types of betting involved in esports are not very different from the traditional sports betting:

  1. MONEY LINE BETTING: where you outrightly bet for the winner
  2. HANDICAP BETTING: this type of betting gives you a chance to bet on more than one outcome.
  3. TOTAL BETTING: this is about betting on the totals like the total number of points or rounds
  4. PROPOSITION BETTING: this is about betting on the possibilities that might happen during the match.

Tips and Odds to Improve Your Betting Strategy

  1. Its always better to bet on the totals ie go for the total bettings when betting on esports
  2. Always start with betting in smaller competitions as they have better odds
  3. Cash-out as early as possible.
  4. Bet through the online casinos that will give you an edge over the other bettors with the bonus.

Top Sites for Virtual and Esports

Betting sites are not immune to the Esports bug that’s caught the entire world. Players can choose head-to-head and team vs events to bet on from major world tournaments. Those who prefer a total immersion in random odds can bet a line or two on virtual sports, which can range from horse races to football. The top casino sites and bookies should always have a license from a government authority and offer a variety of international payment methods. Betting is fun but requires submitting personal information, so it’s best to opt to play at sites that are trusted and licensed.