Best eSport Games

The eSports maintain a remarkable growth trend, and as is evident, they are based on video games. Now, not all are worth, and of the thousands that we have at our fingertips on the different platforms, only a few can enter the list of the most famous games of the eSports. And by ‘important,’ we mean the audience they can gather and, therefore, also the revenue they can generate by the streams, leagues, and tournaments.

Little has to do with a game of eSports, although the former encompasses the latter. For a title to become a candidate for the eSports, it necessarily has to be a competitive game. This ranking, the most important games of the eSports, is based on the number of prizes that are distributed annually for each title. And it’s not always directly related to the number of players, and not even the number of tournaments more like the audience that follows these competitions.

  1. DOTA 2

DOTA 2 is the most prestigious title at the moment, with over $ 138 million. It is well above all others; Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with its more than 52 million dollars, ranks second with very little difference over League of Legends, which also reaches 52 million in prizes. Of these three, CS: GO is number one in tournaments, with almost 3,200, and accumulating more than 9,600 players. DOTA 2 is just over 900 tournaments and 2,400 players, against LoL, with 2,000 tournaments and over 5,400 players.

And within the top 5, behind them are StarCraft II and Heroes of the Storm with more than 26 million, the first of them and exceeding 13 million the second. StarCraft II, with its more than 1,700 players, exceeds 4,700 tournaments. Meanwhile, Heroes of the Storm has approximately 995 players and 404 matches. The total number of players in each of these games is much higher than that of the eSports participants; DOTA 2 is the most popular game in Steam, behind Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, with 706,000 daily.

  1. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

He has little left to retire and give way to Call of Duty WWII and, although it is not the most prized Call Of Duty saga game by a good part of professional players, Infinite Warfare has been one of the most famous sports of 2017. The Activision game developed by Infinity Ward (parents of the saga and those who now don’t go through the best time at the creative level within the legend) has had several tournaments within different organizations. We highlight the Superliga Orange of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and, of course, the World Call of Duty World League.

How about a game? You can find out in our analysis. It is a title with a fairly decent campaign that moves us to a future in which wars are not fought on land, but in space. The multiplayer is very fast, like Black Ops 3, and has exciting modes for the eSports, such as the showy “defender.”

  1. League of Legends

A titan of eSports. League of Legends was, until recently, the second most-watched game on Twitch and one of the most famous sports. ESL and the LVP have it “on the poster” for different competitions, and it is the protagonist, along with CS: GO, of one of the biggest shows of the eSports, the IEM of Katowice. The game of Riot Games and Tencent is one of the biggest eSPorts and an excellent way to start in this world.

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

To complete the holy trinity of electronic sports, let’s go with another game that has been one of the most famous sports of 2017. CS: GO, Valve’s first-person shooter is one of the most important. Presence in IEM and, in our country, the protagonist of the ESL Masters of CS: GO (and soon, also of the Superliga Orange).

It is Steam’s third most played game (behind PUBG and DOTA 2) and is a magnificent shooter. Its direct gameplay and how fast you appear in games, both at the beginning and after the respawn, are some of the features of this shooter that we can only recommend from HobbyConsolas.