The Ultimate Competitive PC Games - How To Bet On Esports

Welcome to Starcatsgame Star cats video game site. Competition is the ultimate reality of life. We compete all our lives with the others who are better than us and most of the time successfully surpass them building our own legacy. Competition can be seen in every field of life and the gaming industry is no exception to it. In fact a field that has so much prospect, will not be just without a throat cut competition. Therefore the gaming fraternity introduced the competitive games that involve throat cut competition with the opponents. The cat video games are also such competitive games that will take you to the next level of competition. The cat video games have had the record of turning friends into foes with their cut-throat competitive games. Just kidding. Well, they have at least turned foes while they were playing the competitive games. Beyond that, we hope everything was even between friends. What we mean to say is that competitive games can be that intense that they can take serious tolls on your personal life.

Most Popular CO-OP Competitive Games

  1. Sea of Thieves: the game will definitely remind you of Johny Depp of Pirates of the Carribean, as the best game is all the way infested with the pirates and also allows you to be one and loot the treasures of the sea

  2. A way out this game depicts the story of two men fighting through the prison to find their way out from the hell. This adventure and the action-packed game are sure to excite you for many reasons.

  3. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: this best game is packed with intense action as the game is set in the Washington dc that has been devastated by civil war and the survivors are fighting amongst each other. You are to play the game on a third party perspective

  4. Far Cry New Dawn: unlike the previous game, this game allows you to shoot your enemies in a first-person mode who is to save himself in an imaginary country named Hope.

Best Competitive Games Ever Made

  • Fortnite: one of the best competitive games that can be played on the pc as well as other gaming platforms, where the player has to find out strategies to survive within 99 more players on the same arena. The resources are limited but enough for which you have to loot the equipment and perform many more actions.

  • Destiny 2: this indie first-person shooter competitive game can be played on play station 4, pc and Xbox one and is all about escaping from a group of brutal aliens who are in a lookout for human blood. It’s up to you how you save yourself and other partners of your team with smart strategies. This game can engage you for hours as it has an endless task for you to accomplish from gathering the best weapons to train yourself with some special skills to fight the enemy.

  • Be Part of Top Gaming Competitions - Esports

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    Latest Gaming News

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